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Today a 40-acre non-irrigated vineyard stands strong with primarily Shiraz and Durif varieties. Vines are close planted to reduce vigour and insecticides are never used. A minimal tillage approach is used and perennial grasses are sown between the vine rows. As a result tonnage and yields are very low which gives Ross the intensity and richness he is seeking in his wines. This approach to growing and harvesting allows each vintage to yield intense flavour and quality fruit that tells a story of each individual growing season.


Winemaker Ross Perry and his son and assistant winemaker Harry both have a strong hands-on and family orientated approach to cultivating, picking and producing their wines. Harry is currently half way through studying his degree in wine making by correspondence.

During the winter months you will see Ross and his son Joe rugged up and braving the elements while pruning the vines ahead of bud burst in September. Never far from their sight the Perry family dogs Winkle, Nebbiolo, Stella and Maggie keep them company in the vines. Joe is studying viticulture and is continuing Ross's vision and passion for a sustainable vineyard.

From February to April you will see Ross, his family and their small team of pickers out in the vineyards hand picking their grapes from first light. 

Ross and Harry process all grapes and wine himself in the winery on Olive Hills Estate with minimal intervention wine making techniques used.